Happy New Year/Beat the January Blues

Walker admiring the seacliffs of north Clare Island, Co Mayo, Ireland.Wishing you all a Very Happy and Adventurous 2014…  We hope you’re all staying safe during the stormy weather and that the flooding hasn’t affected you too badly.  We know some of you are making the most of it paddling nice high rivers, but please be sure not to take any dangerous risks.  At Clare Island Adventures we like our thrills, but we always prioritise safety!

If today is your first day getting back into a regular routine, you might be feeling a bit shell-shocked (we certainly are!).  Apparently, today is “Blue Monday” – first Monday in January seems to get people down for some reaon…  Ah well, there’s an antidote for that: the best way to avoid the Jauary Blues is to plan something to look forward to.  And a couple of days on Clare Island (once the seas become more settled) could be just the ticket!

We’re not huge fans of the beat-yourself-up-for-not-being-fit-enough type resolutions, BUT resolving to have more fun, adventure and to commune with nature is definitely admirable and worthy.  And if that resonates with what you’ve decided for yourself in 2014, then remember the old adage: fail to plan and you plan to fail!

So plan it now!! Mark the map and your calendar.  Decide what parts of the country you’re going to explore this year and start now – make some phone calls, send some emails and give yourself and your family and friends something great to look forward to as they get stuck into this new year.

We’d be delighted to help you plan a memorable and adventurous getaway.  For a hen or stag party, a birthday celebration, a reward for your hardworking staff, or just because…. whatever the occasion, if fun in the outdoors followed by good food and craic in a warm hospitable bar sounds attractive to you, then get in touch with us now.

Happy New Year from all of here at Clare Island Adventures (Outsider Magazine’s Best Outdoor Escape 2013)

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