Girl Power!

Inspired by the Festival of the Pirate Queen on the May bank holiday weekend, Clare Island is hosting a Girl Power weekend to celebrate their famously powerful ancestor Grace O’Malley.

Pirate Queen Adventure Race The weekend’s agenda is packed full of activities encouraging visitors to the island, and women in particular, to pay attention to their own power: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

On Saturday evening there will be an inspiring talk by Ellen O’Malley, ex-chieftain of the O’Malley clan, CEO of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre and former board member of the National Women’s Council of Ireland.  Coming from a very powerful lineage, O’Malley will offer some insight into her own inner source of power and strengths, and advise on tweaks you can make to your life to increase your own personal sense of power.

One of the major attractions over the weekend will be the Pirate Queen Adventure Race on Saturday morning – men are welcome to participate and are encouraged to do so in fancy dress along the Pirate Queen theme.

There will be plenty more events to attend for those whose fitness levels aren’t yet up to adventure racing.  Workshops on offer include yoga and breathwork – ideal for complete fitness and flexibility beginners as well as the more seasoned athletes.

Some vibrant revelry is expected to rock the Sailor’s Bar on Saturday night, where the after-race party will be hosted.  Sunday morning offers a gentle guided walk and Sunday afternoon there will be a screening of a documentary on the life of Grainnuaile.

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