Mission Accomplished!

So, we’re just starting to recover from the Singles Adventure Weekend….

Thirty intrepid adventurers gathered at Roonagh Pier on Friday evening, most of them complete strangers.  By bedtime that night they were well on the way to forming new friendships, at the very least!  We promised no cheesy match-making and we were true to our word.  But we did organise a number of games to ensure the group mixed well and got to know each other.  It seemed to work a treat.  From dinner on Friday evening there was a great buzz in the air, and everyone was still chatting happily away at breakfast on Saturday morning, despite a late night for some.

Following the beach games, and lunch in the sun, the group broke up into three according to their own individual interests.  Although the hill-walkers were a bit more seasoned in their chosen activitiy, almost all of those who went climbing or coasteering were bravely trying it out for the first time.  And the all-round consensus: brilliant!

Following showers and dinner, a long and late night of revelry ensued.  And as happens when a group of like-minded people in similar circumstances come together, a few sparks got ignited….

We set out to NOT organise a match-making festival, but to provide an opportunity for outdoorsy singles to meet others in a convivial and social atmosphere.  We said from the outset, any matches that might arise would be a bonus… We were delighted to have succeeded in providing that environment, and it was an extra thrill yesterday morning to notice a few people in the group looking decidedly couple-ey. 🙂

All in all, it was a great success and we’re so pleased with the feedback that we’re thinking of running another in September.  Watch this space!



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